OTW Narnia0 -> Narnia1

From what I’m understanding is it run’s the echo command and then runs cat with the previous command as STDIN since no arguments are given. Then that’s piped into the narnia0 executable. Pretty cool!

GDB + progress

I found out some information that had stumped me for a while. I thought that I had found a solution for narnia0, but it turns out that gdb can’t be used for priv esc, as least as far as root is concerned. I am getting a shell, but it’s as… Read More »GDB + progress


Since I passed the last level in leviathan, I thought I’d take a crack at Narnia. I spent some time on it and I’ll post the screenshots, but I wasn’t able to solve it yet. The code is included and basically if a pre-set value equals something else, then (from… Read More »Narnia0

OTW Leviathan 6 -> 7

This one was pretty easy. Figure out the 4 digit combo on the program. No biggie, right? So I started off with an initial version of a script, but this was the one that I settled on. for x in {0000..9999}; do /home/leviathan6/leviathan6 $x >> output.txt; sleep .01s; done I… Read More »OTW Leviathan 6 -> 7

OTW Leviathan 4 -> 5

This one was easy. I guess it wants to be converted to text? Or maybe using su isn’t permitted for our user? Lets try.

OTW Leviathan 3 -> 4

This one built off of previous ones and seemed a lot easier, although there were some things that threw me for a loop. I could do one screenshot here, but I’ll break it down into chunks. This is interesting. It’s doing a string compare before asking for input. Weird, but… Read More »OTW Leviathan 3 -> 4

OTW Leviathan 2 -> 3

Let me explain what’s going on here. You have the files listed above, each with a line of text. One is “0ne” and two is “tw0” (with zeros). The file named “one two” contains the words “one two” which is the same name as the two files. echo you cat… Read More »OTW Leviathan 2 -> 3