over the wire Bandit 27 -> 28

This one was pretty straightforward, but my using of git was a little rusty and that lead me to not look close enough at the error messages from the shell. There is a git repository at ssh://bandit27-git@localhost/home/bandit27-git/repo. The password for the user bandit27-git is the same as for the user bandit27. Clone the repository… Read More »over the wire Bandit 27 -> 28

overthewire pt2

Oh man, so many fun things to go over. I didn’t save a lot of my work to screenshot but I did save something to show for getting from level 24 -> 25 So for this one, I had to redo it a few times because…. I’ll admit, I didn’t… Read More »overthewire pt2


I’ve gone back and forth getting a VM cluster put back together at home. I’ve had a need for it, but when I get to thinking about it, I rationalize and think that I can always spin up something in VirtualBox or VMWare and call it a day. But I… Read More »Pi-hole

overthewire pt 1

I did some of the exercises on this site before (like in October of last year) and they were way fun. I had a little bit of time and thought it would be fun to go back and mess around with some of the games over there. I did the… Read More »overthewire pt 1

sshfs & sublime

I have a pretty awesome computer I bought when I was a baller back in the day. I don’t really use it a lot and prefer to use a laptop, so most of the time the PC is running, but not really doing a lot besides being a repo for… Read More »sshfs & sublime

First real terraform example

I have been going through a few different terraform videos and blogs and got my first ‘real’ terraform example done. It was a walk through from the book “Terraform Up and Running”. I had some bumps along the way – forgot security group, used the wrong AMI, etc. but it’s… Read More »First real terraform example