OTW Leviathan 2 -> 3

Let me explain what’s going on here. You have the files listed above, each with a line of text. One is “0ne” and two is “tw0” (with zeros). The file named “one two” contains the words “one two” which is the same name as the two files. echo you cat… Read More »OTW Leviathan 2 -> 3

OTW Leviathan 2

I’ve said before that ‘this one was fun’, but believe me when I say it, this one was fun. I know a lot of other places draft their write ups in a way that seems formal which is what you’d do on the OSCP or as a report for a… Read More »OTW Leviathan 2

Over The Wire 32 -> 33

This one was one of my favorites so I’m going to post every screenshot I used while logged in. I references this document once I got going because I knew that the shell had to give me something useful. It also turns out that bandit32 is the last level. I… Read More »Over The Wire 32 -> 33

OverTheWire Bandit 30 -> 31

Similar to what was done before, change to a writeable directory, get the repo. This one stumped me for a while, since it was just an empty file and there wasn’t any commits or changes or anything to go off off. I checked out https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucketserver/basic-git-commands-776639767.html and started going through commands… Read More »OverTheWire Bandit 30 -> 31