Finished Masters degree and on to new things

I finished a Masters in Cyber Security and Information Assurance from WGU at the tail end of last month. I wrote my thesis on implementing an ISCM program for an Information System similar to the one that I have at work, so it was easy to mentally walk through. Overall, I followed the rubric and passed on the first attempt. It was pretty straightforward and I felt confident that it met the requirements they were asking for, based off my understanding and looking at examples.

Before I decided to get a Masters, I was considering getting the OSCP, so I thought that would be a good thing to work towards. There are tons of free material on line so I started with that. I went through the kioptrix VM’s at vulnhub and learned a bit. After an hour or so of getting stuck, I would peek for a hint because I felt that the purpose is to learn so banging my head on the wall wouldn’t be productive.

After some thought, I decided to pay for the premium account at I did have a regular account with the username of _admin_ from a year or so ago, but today when I logged in I wasn’t able to submit any of the flags. I have a feeling that it may have been because of the username? Anyway, I created a new account, here’s my stats:

Neat. And I just figured out how to switch between the rich text editor and the code editor in Word Press.

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