CEH v10 course

My work has a partnership with skillport which includes lots of different books, videos and other courses you can take for free. One of the things that I’ve been grinding is the CEHv10 course from I finished it last night. They structure their videos into a section or two of vocab and explaining and then a section with exercises, which is a good format to learn. I don’t know how many hours the course was, but I finished it about 2 weeks, most of the time watching it at 1.25-2.0 times the speed.

I feel like I learned a lot of really cool things, I took notes more on the practical application of the CEH exam which to me was the most interesting. The last few hours was cryptography and I feel like they beat that over and over again and a lot of it wasn’t new information. They just launched a CEH v10 AIO book, so that’ll probably be my next thing, but I do officially start school in 2 days so I might have to wait on that for a little bit.

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