New set up

I’ve thought about a way to boot my main OS off a thumb drive or something like that so I’d be able to boot if off any PC or laptop (64 bit). It would make it so I could use any resource that I had at the time and pick off where I left off. After doing some digging, I got a solution.

I bought a 1TB M.2 SSD with an enclosure off Amazon. I was easily able to install Linux on it and thought about partitioning it so it’d have Windows and Linux and a NTFS partition for VM’s and storage. I was really paranoid about installing over my main disks MBR, so I took it out while I was testing this just in case something went awry.

It turns out that, after a lot of tinkering, I wasn’t able to boot Windows or multiple partitions. So that was a bust. I wasn’t able to even install Windows onto the USB, so I tried installing it with the SSD installed. After I got it installed, I realized I wasn’t able to remove the internal SSD unless I disassembled more than I wanted to do so that was out.

It turns out that Windows 10 Enterprise has the ability to install on USB’s so I gave that a shot and it worked exactly as I’d expect it to. I then downloaded a few ISO’s and installed various VM’s that I use – like I still am using Linux Mint as a daily driver, but this time it’s installed in a VM. Oh, and as a side note, I’m able to play GTA V on it (inside Windows) so that makes for an awesome bonus 🙂

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