Oh man I’ve had quite the adventure over the last week + a few days. Without getting into too much detail, my wife and I were the guardians of 3 kids: 16 y/o girl, 11 y/o boy and 18 month boy. And man, was it eye opening and exhausting to do.

I realized a lot about myself and how I relate to others. I’m excited to have more kids too and need to learn to balance my time better. I’m glad that I was able to be a good influence for them for the short time they were with us (they were family, so I’ll see them again).

I haven’t been able to get any personal projects done and it took the whole weekend to catch back up to where I wanted to be with cleaning, etc. One thing I did get done was booted a copy of Windows from a USB M2 drive. Basically, I can take it anywhere I want and boot off of it and the nicer thing is that I loaded up VMware with a handful of VM’s that I would normally run.

I originally wanted to run Linux Mint natively, but after some consideration and troubleshooting, I felt that it would accomplish the same thing by running Windows 10 and then virtualizing the OS’s I wanted to use. For fun, I downloaded GTA5 again and got to relax and play that.

I haven’t gotten everything exactly how I want it, but I like to so far. One OS I wasn’t able to get working was Sigint, it’s like kali, but more focused on signal intelligence. It seems pretty sweet and I’d like to get some hardware so I can play with it more down the road.

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