OTW Leviathan 6 -> 7

This one was pretty easy. Figure out the 4 digit combo on the program. No biggie, right?

So I started off with an initial version of a script, but this was the one that I settled on.

for x in {0000..9999}; do /home/leviathan6/leviathan6 $x >> output.txt; sleep .01s; done

I had a couple versions, one to display the output as it scrolled along with the combo it was on, but that got a little too mind numbing to look at. So why not put the output to a text file and look at it when it’s done?

The text file was basically like after line after line of the word “Wrong”, so all I thought I’d have to do was to grep -v “Wrong” and get the password. But that was an incorrect assumption. Since this was an escalation exercise, it would give me an escalated shell once I got the right combination.

What I noticed was that the script would take forever to run. Way longer than I thought it would. And the file wasn’t getting any bigger. Weird.

So what I thought to do was to connect with another terminal and look at the output (previously I was using CTRL^Z and thought that doing that might be messing with the script somehow). I never found any word besides “Wrong” which isn’t what I expected, so I checked the lines in the file. The number of lines stopped going up, so that was interesting. Since each word was on a new line I had a rough idea of which one it sopped on. So I tried that and ended up getting the combination that way.

It turned out that the script would get the right combo and get dropped into a shell, so it was waiting to get back out to keep brute forcing thus waiting indefinitely. Overall a pretty easy level I’d say.

*** UPDATE ***

Since I was logged in as leviathan7 I thought I’d initially check out the level.


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