Since I passed the last level in leviathan, I thought I’d take a crack at Narnia. I spent some time on it and I’ll post the screenshots, but I wasn’t able to solve it yet.

The code is included and basically if a pre-set value equals something else, then (from what I can gather), you’ll get a new shell. I loaded it up into gdb, set the layout asm and layout regs option

What I did for this one is locate the part of code that compares something to 0xdeadbeef. The line after that jumps to another part if they are not equal. It gave me a shell, but I was still narnia0

For this one I set the instruction pointer to a part of the code to begin executing. That got me a shell too. I might want to print out or copy the code and go through it more thoroughly because I must be missing something. BUT if I can get the debugger to jump to a specific part of code, I can bypass the comparison and spawn the shell. But the shell is being spawned, so it might be in the setreuid part.

After some trial and error, I was able to set what I think to 0xdeadbeef (used set *(char*)0x8048565=0xde (then incremented the last 2 digits to 0xad, etc). I thought I had these backwards, but I was looking at 62-65 and setting 65 to ef so I thought it was backwards. Anyway, got a shell here, but it wasn’t elevated either.

In doing some digging here here and here I learned how to look at memory values, how to set a memory value. The way that I’m doing it is probably not that efficient and after some troubleshooting it’s backwards (but then again it’s pushed onto the stack so it comes off in a LIFO order).

I know a lot of people probably just look for the answer which is fine, but what I feel you miss is the exploration and journey of learning along the way. I’ll admit, I have looked up some hints, and I’ve learned two things:

  • I was on the right track which is reassuring
  • Most other write ups are pretty straight to the point and don’t offer an in depth walk through. There have been a couple that I’ve stumbled across, but for the most part it’s two screenshots or a line or two of code and that’s it. Either they are super good at this and don’t need the validation or are copying the end result from other solutions they’ve looked up.

All in all, this has been fun, learningful and challenging so far. And based on the notes on the website it’s difficulty is 2/10… yikes.

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