OTV Leviathan 5 -> 6 + BONUS

I keep over thinking things.

But this time it paid off 🙂

This level was pretty much like the old ones. Let’s dive into it.

ltrace ./leviathan5 | less
objdump -xD ./levianthan5

This is where I spent a good amount of time. That and gdb. The upside is I’ve learned a lot of stuff in gdb (gdb -tui, info registers, ni, start, x/s find, etc), but the downside is it didn’t directly help me solve the level. It did help me discover some cool stuff though.

So I searched for the main function with objdump. It looks like goes through the following functions (but I didn’t trace it out, I’m just reading it).

  • main
  • fopen
  • exit
  • fgetc
  • feof
  • puchar
  • fclose
  • getuid
  • setuid
  • unlink

All of those are what I expected. I guess? Except unlink. That’s interesting.

From what I could gather, the file looks for /tmp/file.log, if the file isn’t there it exits. From the ltrace, I could surmise that it tried to open the file as read only. So let’s see what we can do with it.


So the leviathan5 program looks for the /tmp/file.log file, if it exists, then it will display it. But if it’s a symlink to another file, then it will display the contents of file it points to – according to its permissions. So there we have it.

The bonus part is something I found out that I was pretty excited to discover. After I solved the level I googled answers to this level to see if anyone had done it before, and as far as I can tell, no one has.

I noticed that there was an unlink function at the end of the program, and noticed that after leviathan5 was run the /tmp/file.log wasn’t there. I wonder if that happens with everyone.

So I logged in with two terminals. One to get up to the point of getting the contents of the file and the other to run the program to actually get the contents of the file. It worked as I expected. Huh. I wonder. So I wrote a quick script and this happened.

oh man someone is getting messed with
while true; do  cat
/tmp/file.log; /home/leviathan5/leviathan5 | grep -v "Cannot
find"; sleep 1s; echo "Do it non stop and do it again";

This was a simple script that wait for 1 second, then run the leviathan5 program over and over and over again. I could tell someone was trying to get the file, but I was stopping it. After a bit of tweaking, I settled on something I liked. Here’s a screenshot of how it played out.

Oh man some people are probably annoyed with me

And here’s the code

while true;
if [ -L /tmp/file.log ];
then echo "link exists… killing…" && unlink /tmp/file.log && echo "Links killed: $links" && let "links++";
elif [ -f /tmp/file.log ];
then echo "file exists… here it is" && cat /tmp/file.log && rm -f /tmp/file.log && echo "Files killed: $files" && let "files++";
sleep 1s;
let "time++";
if [ "$time" -gt 200 ];
then echo "200 seconds have passed, just letting you know";

All in all, this was a fun and challenging level. Just like the previous ones, I seem to look deeper than what I need to do but the upsides are that I learn new things and feel the focus of frustration and I stumbled across a way I could mess with other players.


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