OTW Leviathan 3 -> 4

This one built off of previous ones and seemed a lot easier, although there were some things that threw me for a loop. I could do one screenshot here, but I’ll break it down into chunks.

Initially looking at the program reveals it similar to ones before it.

This is interesting. It’s doing a string compare before asking for input. Weird, but whatever. Then it asks for the password and compares it to ‘snlprintf’. Let’s try that.

Oh cool, that was easy. Wait. I’m still level 3. Hmmm, let’s run it again, without ltrace.

Ok that was too easy.

For some reason, I keep thinking that I’ll need to disassemble the program and learn how to program in assembly in order to deconstruct an algorithm or something. I didn’t show the first little bit I did, where I objdumped the program and looked for things that way. Maybe in a future ctf I’ll have to do that, but not so far.


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