Family addition + CISSP update

Well it’s been a little bit since I updated anything, but man are there things to update.

My wife called me Friday January 18th that during her last Dr. appt that her blood pressure was high. Really high. The nurse took it again and it was even higher, so the Dr. told my wife to walk across the street because she was probably going to be admitted and the baby was coming soon. I finished up the work day and left a little early. I told my counter part what my wife had told me and that I might not be in on Monday.

I went home, packed up some things since it was pretty sure going to happen by this point. There was plenty of time, so I ate then head down there.

I arrived at the hospital at 5 and she was in labor, but it wasn’t bad. By 6 the Dr decided it was time to break her water and by 6:30 she had the epidural since she was really coming along by then. At 7 she was dilated to between a 2 and a 3.

I tried to lie down and not think about anything, so I put on an episode of Mad Men and then 9 PM rolled around. One of the nurses checked her, expecting her to be dilated to a 4 or something, but she was already at a 9. Another nurse double checked and within 10 minutes there were 8 people in the room.

After some pushing and forceps, Amelia Ella Smith was born at 10:59 PM on Friday January 18, 2019. Mom and daughter were great, and have been great so far and we have had the support of family to help us as we are first time parents and wildly underestimated the challenges a new born would bring.

Originally I had wanted to take the CISSP test by the time she was here, but I didn’t want to schedule the test on the off chance I’d get a call she was in labor and I’d have to leave to go back to the testing center. So I put it on the back burner and hadn’t really studied much in the 2-ish weeks up to when she came. I got to thinking about this, and on Monday (this 5 days ago) I decided to schedule the exam. It was now or never, and even with a 1 week old I was going to do it.

I think most of my preparation had already been done, now I was just solidifying what I already had learned and filling in the gaps that I needed. I tried to get in practice tests here and there in between naps and helping out around the house with things that my wife needed. The day before, she was a real trooper and left me to review most of the day and did pretty much everything without me. She’s really great and I have a very supportive, very lovely wife.

The test was much harder than I anticipated and I really think that of the 100 questions I took (passed with ~70 mins to spare), 15-20 I knew very quickly what the answer was, ~60 I had it narrowed down to the two best options and tried to decipher what the test was asking for and went with what I felt was best, and the remaining ~20 questions I went with what I surmised was correct and hoped for the best.

All in all, I passed the test. I guess the steps now are to wait for some communication from ISC2. I don’t have the 4 years of IT experience yet, so I went the ‘Associate’ route, but the hard part is over! And to relax/celebrate we are going to the movies tonight while my parents watch Amelia. Life is good.