SAP Business Objects

Today I was given the task of setting up SAP Business Objects on a new VM we set up a few weeks ago.  The guide I had was for Centos 6 (we are using 7) and was for a previous version of Business Objects, but I was able to get through it.  Here are few things that I learned.


The install didn’t work unless the /etc/centos-release file was edited to reflect a previous version of centos.  I want to say I changed it to version 6.7 Santiago.


I had seen the ‘tnsping’ command used before, but never actually used it myself so that was fun to try.  Also, I hadn’t used the ‘sqlplus’ command to query/connect to a database.  Our environment uses TNS files (.ora) so I copied the most recent version to the correct directory of my installation.  It didn’t work though.  I thought I was going crazy because it was working the last time I checked in TOAD.  I went to Hardy, and he figured it out quick.  Basically, the ‘dos2unix’ command was issued on the file to convert the CRLF into what Linux understands – almost exclusively we use Windows, but for servers it’s Linux.  So that was good to see.


Also, the ‘file’ command was pretty cool – basically it shows what a file is even if the extension is something else.  There are times when this would be good to use, like for email if you can’t send an attachment (like .docx) you could rename it to a different extension and the mail server would take it just fine.  But this would look at the actual file and not the extension.


I don’t have a lot more to write about installing it – it was pretty straightforward, but I did update the document I was given & learned some things along the way.  There is more configuration I’m doing tomorrow with another co worker to configure it.


I also took another Boson CISSP exam the other day and passed!  It was 73% and there was one domain that I scored something like 55% in, one I just barely failed and was above passing for the rest of the Domains.  I’m going to keep chipping away at that.  I also bought a few courses today from Udemy: one on DevOps (kind of an overall big course), one on Ansible/Puppet and a third on Wireshark, tcpdump & snort.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to them after CISSP is done.

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