So a while back I signed up for hackthebox. Actually, like a year ago I remember trying to go through the challenge to get an account and wasn’t able to. Back then I had done a little bit in Burp Suite but really didn’t know what I was doing. Since… Read More »hackthebox

School update pt 2

I haven’t updated anything in a while. I finished the last semester with a month to spare so I took a few weeks off. Actually, I did a years worth of work in 5 months, which was nice and a relief since I’ll probably be able to finish school this… Read More »School update pt 2

Virsh script fun

I can’t remember how it came up the other day, but the sysadmin and I were talking about the virtual environment we have, and how I have moved a few things around, decommissioned a few machines and in general moved a few things around. When he went to go looking… Read More »Virsh script fun

School update

I’ve been busy with school and work (and a little one!) so I haven’t updated as much as I’d like, and haven’t had as much time for pet projects. The good news is that I’m halfway done with my coursework for this semester and I’m 5 weeks into it! Well,… Read More »School update

ITPro.tv CEH v10 course

My work has a partnership with skillport which includes lots of different books, videos and other courses you can take for free. One of the things that I’ve been grinding is the CEHv10 course from ITPro.tv. I finished it last night. They structure their videos into a section or two… Read More »ITPro.tv CEH v10 course

Back to school

After a few conversations I’ve had over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided that I’m going back to school to get a Masters Degree. I went to WGU for my Bachelors, so it was easy to go back to WGU. I’ve selected the Cybersecurity and Information Assurance degree and… Read More »Back to school